Currency Exchange

It is important to get as many euros for your pounds as you can when buying property in France. We have teamed up with Foremost Currency Group – speak to them as soon as you start looking. Ask for David Worthington who is the dedicated currency broker for France. By getting registered you can discuss what options you have about fixing rates, transferring money over, how money is transfered to the notaires for the deposit and final payments. If you are viewing with us we can help you open a French bank account whilst you are over – its all part of our service.

Foremost Currency Group

Quick calculator - see how much you need in pounds

Currency exchange - just as important when you move over

Once you have bought your home in France you may be receiving regular payments – pensions, investment income, sale proceeds from Uk properties etc…

Speak to your currency advisor about arranging regular payments – You may need to fund a renovation project and need money in instalments for example.

I have put a few video clips on here from Foremost currency exchange to give you an insight into how they work and how you can use them