Special Property Features - Must have search criteria for your French property

If you are looking for a property with special features – click on one of the popular links below- on the image/photo itself. Sometimes people have an over-ruling requirement. Whilst sorting by price is always important as most people have a budget, sometimes there is an important factor that is equally important. These “special property features” are things we often come across with clients. It may be the need for a ground floor bedroom, the desire to have lots of land for horses, multiple properties for conversion into gites etc….

 We have put a page together of special property features – click on the feature of interest and all our properties with this feature will appear. This will save you time wading through all the properties we have available just to see if the property needs your needs. Using the special property features help you find your ideal home.

Equestrian Properties – Special Property Features

We have several properties with large amounts of land which would be suitable for equestrian use. We also have properties that have equestrian facilities – stables, shelters, arenas etc….

Both of these types of properties will appear here – some will appeal to the amateurs with one or two horses who are quite happy with basic facilities where land is the main requirement. Others who are more professional would prefer a better range of facilities and may need more land.

Have a look at what we have to offer. Whilst we are not specialists in this type of property we do regularly have a range of equestrian friendly properties to choose from….so have a look.

B and B or Gites – Special property features

We have a supply of properties that are suitable for b and or have gites with them. Size of property in terms of the number of bedrooms and existing en-suite facilities are important. Some of these properties may already be trading on a b and b basis. We usually have several of these type of properties on our books

As for gites – multiple properties or “ancien corps de ferme” style of properties may be suitable. We also often have on our books properties were there are several properties for sale as one lot. Some of the gites may already be up and running as business, others may be used for additional family accommodation.

Ground Floor Bedroom – Special property features

If you are in need of a ground floor bedroom – you can click on the photo to reveal all the properties that we have on the market with a ground floor bedroom.

This could be a very important feature for house hunters for a variety of reasons – handicapped persons, elderly relatives, potential ground floor office or studio for example.

No need to wade through all the properties to see which of them has this feature – just click on the photo and an upto date list will appear.

Multiple Properties – Special property features

If you are loking at having more than one property on your land then click here. Whether its a main house with a gite or a main house with a maison d amis – click here. This would also be the case for anyone wanting to manage their own “gite complex” or something with possibly a commercial activity using other buildings as studios or workshops etc…


Looking for a Bargain – Special property features

If you are looking for a property which has been reduced in price – this is the icon for view. Everyone likes a bargain – here we list properties that have come down in price.

Instead of trawling through to see which properties are down in price just click on the link and you will have a list of properties to choose from

Campsite or campsite potential – Special property features

These are predominantly properties with a vast amount of land – have campsite potential or maybel already up and running in some form as a campsite.

360 Degree Virtual Tours – Special property features

We have invested in hardware and software and are now able to offer 360 degree virtual tours on selected properties.

Whilst new properties mainly in Normandy, Brittany and the Mayenne will have this feature, we will slowly be upgrading existing properties and this will be added over time.

Click on the link here to understand how to navigate through our 360 degree virtual tours.

Lake, pond or water feature – Special property features

Whether its proximity to a river or stream  or even a lake or pond, click here. Alot of keen anglers like to have the facility of being able to fish near their home.

We do get individual lakes for sale and also commercial properties where there is a main house together with fishing lakes which are run on a commercial basis. We are not specialists in this field but we often have this kind of property on our books.

Renovation Projects – Special property features

This type of property is very popular. In this category we have renovation projects as such and also perfectly habitable buildings where additional properties are ripe for renovation.

Alot of these vary in terms of the degree of renovation required.

Swimming Pool

If you are specifically after a property with a swimming pool then click on the link. Whether you are a keen swimmer or you want a property with a pool linked to a gite rental this may be of interest to you.

Whilst in Normandy, Brittany and the Mayenne this is not a critical feature, it is often a pre-requisite for our properties in Provence.

Proximity to Mont St Michel

Due mainly to its enormous tourist pulling power we have this link.

This will be of interest to clients looking for gites near Mont St Michel – an area where property prices are at a premium

Mains Drainage

Most rural French properties are on a septic tank system. The norms have changed over the last few years and properties often need to be on a “toutes eaux” system.

Some buyers wish to avoid this and a specifically looking for properties which are on mains drainage which tend to be in the centre of larger villages.

Click here to see which properties are on mains drainage.

useful local website links

Click here for the department of La Manche in Lower Normandy 

Click here for the department of Calvados in Lower Normandy 

Please note : All room sizes are approximate. MILES IMMOBILIER EURL has made every effort to ensure that the details and photographs of this property are accurate and in no way misleading. However this information does not form part of a contract and no warranties are given or implied.